Fiber Optic Light Up Shoes


$59.90 $159.06

The World's Brightest Fiber Optic Shoes Will Make You The Star Of Every Party

Our Fiber Optic Shoes come in 3 colors, and each will transform at the click of a button into any of 12 different modes.

Size Information:Please Choose Carefully your shoes size before you order to avoid any mistake.Thanks!

Size Chart:

-full sizes

The ONLY Certified Fiber Optic Shoes 

Tony Toys is the only certified retailer of Fiber Optic Shoes in the United States Europe and the quality of our shoes proves it.

These Fiber Optic Shoes will make you the STAR of any concert, festival or event!

Durable & Lightweight

Tony Toys Fiber Optic Shoes are the world's most durable and lightweight. No other company's quality even comes close. Our shoes are made with over 50% more fibers than our competitors - and it shows.

Casual and Classy

Wear your Fiber Optic Shoes anywhere! The sleek, sporty design is classy and comfortable, making these shoes perfect for everyday wear.

EXTRA Luminescence

Don't let the casual, comfortable look fool you! These Fiber Optic Shoes will light up BRIGHT as soon as you turn them on, instantly making you the life of the party!

Convenient USB Charging

Recharge on the go with convenient integrated USB charging! Anywhere you have a USB port, you can charge your Fiber Optic Shoes so that you can shine wherever you go!


  • Insanely cool and attractive for raves, concerts and festivals!
  • 11 colors you can switch through!
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Perfect for shuffling
  • Durable enough for dance, fitness and music festivals
  • Temperature resistant
  • Water repellent
  • Fiber Optic cloth + Elastic sole for MAXIMUM comfort
  • USB rechargeable -- charge them wherever!