Alphabet Literacy Educational Game


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Watch proudly as your child has fun while learning to spell with Literacy Toy! Building your kids logical and creative skills have never been this easy. Start now and see the difference!

A fun and interactive game that helps build vocabulary, language skills and more.

  • TONS OF FUN - Your kid can play this game alone, or taking turns to play with a sibling or friend,the one who spells correctly keep the card,the one keeps the most cards wins. This could keep the kids busy for hours in educational time.
  • INCREASE ATTENTION SPAN & MEMORY - Working towards creating each word and match it with the card helps your child develop their concentration and memory skills, preparing them the essential skills for future academic success .
  • PACKAGE CONTENT - 1 Tray,52 Letter Cubes, 60 Double Sides Printed Cards

Game 1: Looking for the letters


Game 2: Where is the card?


Game 3 (Hardest): Spell out the vacabulary !!!