Levitating Anti Gravity Magnetic Globe


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Watch Earth levitate in front of you. And spin on its axis in mid-air! 

This modern tellurium — an instrument that shows you how Earth’s rotation affects night, day and the seasons — also serves as an eye-catching decoration in your home or office. 

Like our real planet Earth, this gadget keeps the globe floating in space. And emulates Earth’s magnetic fields by holding the planet up with powerful magnets on both the North and South pole.

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Easily powered by its adapter, when turned on, simply hold the geographical globe in the center of the base. And once you feel a slight force from the magnets, then gently let go. When done correctly, the Earth will suspend itself in mid-air! 

Plus, with the built-in LED lights on the C-shaped base, turning this on at night makes this a thing of beauty to look at, as you’ll get to see the lights bounce and reflect off the globe’s surface.


  • Watch Earth levitate and rotate with the powerful force of magnets
  • Base contains LED lights for an incredible showpiece at night
  • Perfect decoration at home and in the office

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Input Voltage: 110 to 240V AC
Output voltage: 12V 250mA
Size: 21.5 x 20 x 10cm
Material: ABS plastic, rubber oil coated and metal
Plug type: EU plug

Package includes:
1 x Globe
1 x C Shape Base
1 x Wall Adapter