Retro Classic Tetris Toys LED Game Console with built in 26 games


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  • Unique Shape,Beautiful and good hand feeling,suitable for people of all ages to play.
  • Portable Tetris Console Bring a Nice Childhood

  • One of the most popular games in the world!

  • Improve your mental ability with this Classic Brick game

  • Featuring many variations of the addictive Tetris game

  • Large screen is good for the eyes, do not hurt the eyes

  • The speed and difficulty of the game can be chosen

Type: Retro Classic Tetris Handheld Game Players
Color: Black, Red, Blue
Built-in games: Tanks war,Racing game, Memory challenge game, Shooting game Obstacles pinball, Whack-a-mole game, Fill shooting, Matching game
Various difficulty 











Built-in 26 Games:
  • A. Tanks war; 
  • B. Racing game; 
  • C. Memory challenge game; 
  • D. Shooting game; 
  • E. Obstacles pinball; 
  • F. Whack-a-mole game; 
  • G. Fill shooting; 
  • H. Matching game; 
  • I-Z. Various difficulty tetris. 
  • Tetris Manual
Tetris Manual


Key Function:
Power ON/OFF key to turn on or off the game. 
(Auto power off fuction will ineffect within 5 minutes upon the last pressed button). 
Press ROTATE key repeating to select games before to start,it takes action in the selected game. 
Press Sound key repeating to select sound volume level. 
Press S/P key repeating to start or pause the selected game. 
UP,DOWN,LEFT and RIGHT:Control direction.